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About Us

In the world of Al Mubdee Al Sagheer, we enrich souls and nurture dreams. We are not merely an educational center; we are a closely-knit family dedicated to building a bright future for our children and their families. In our hearts, we hold a bold vision to transform lives through early education, firmly believing in the importance of a supportive environment for childhood flourishing.

In our embrace, we weave bonds of love and care, ensuring that your child grows with confidence and sets forth with ambition towards new horizons. We meticulously design each educational experience, skillfully blending play and learning.

why did you choose Us?

Find out what makes us stand above the rest in the UAE!


Our classrooms are elegantly arranged, reflecting careful attention to details, as they serve as bright abodes holding the keys to knowledge and discovery. In the indoor play area, we open doors to imagination, allowing children to explore new worlds.

When curiosity calls for letters and numbers, a well-coordinated library awaits them, brimming with knowledge treasures. We believe that reading is the wing of thought that carries them far into unforgettable adventures.

And there is more. We also open a door to creativity and expression in a fully equipped art room, where your child can put their dreams and ideas onto paper, transcending boundaries and mesmerizing with their creativity.

We understand that each child is unique, with their own special needs and interests. Therefore, we take great care to design every aspect of their learning experience to suit their individual hobbies and passions. We are here to accompany them on their journey of growth and discovery, and to become a part of their beautiful memories in the world of

Al Mubdee Al Sagheer.

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